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This category is strictly limited to players who are non-resident in the UK and who spend no more than 90 days in any one year in this country. They must also be members of a recognised golf club in their home country.


International Members are limited to 20 rounds of golf in any one year, with any rounds in excess of this liable for a visitors’ green fee payment. International Members will be enjoying the same playing rights as 7 Day Members and will be able to compete in club competitions.


London Golf Club provides an oasis of golfing tranquillity in 700 acres of idyllic Kent countryside, just 20 miles from the Capital. With its all-encompassing facilities and convenient access to major motorways, rail networks and international airports, the club is uniquely positioned to welcome and cater for visiting golfers, corporate golf days, meetings and weddings in addition to providing a membership experience that surpasses expectations.


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