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The new lake-side apartments will be built in a 3-story building overlooking the 9th hole. Towards the end of 2019 the one and two bedroom apartments will be ready with sizes from 95 to 170 sqm. The 8 modern properties are A+ energy graded and will be powered by green energy. During the planning stage the developer paid great attention to the detail to make sure high comfort parameters of the building regarding acoustics, natural light, air quality were achieved. These new lake side appartmetns will offer a larger portfolio for potential buyers to choose from. 


Zala Springs Golf Resort will be using the Golf Genius software from 2019, the fully-featured cloud-based software is one of the world’s leading cloud-based golf tournament management providers, this software is being used by many high level clubs to rasie the professionlism of all events staged at the facility. A small addition will be the new starter building ready for the 2019 season to improve and control the starting on the RTJII championship course.

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