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IMG Prestige Club Laguna National Golf & Country Club has lived up to its pioneering reputation with the installation of Toptracer Range at the club’s Teaching and Practice Facility. It will be known as Laguna Practice powered by Toptracer Range. Laguna National is the first club in the region to introduce this innovative technology.

“Our adoption of this amazing technology is in line with our on-going goal of being at the forefront of creating an innovative and engaging golf and lifestyle facility. It ensures not only our appeal to core golfers, but also those families and enthusiasts who may just want a great night out with friends and family,” said Patrick Bowers, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Laguna National.

Toptracer Range technology provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive in-bay screens in hitting bays, which allows players to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their performance. Installation of Toptracer Range at 20 bays at the Teaching and Practice Facility is due to be completed this month. After a testing period, a full launch is scheduled for January, 2019. Access to the bays will be available to Laguna National members and the public.

Toptracer has become a staple of major golf television broadcasts worldwide. It has been prominently featured at the US Open, The Open Championship and the Ryder Cup. The same technology that traces the shots of the game’s best players on TV is made available through a variety of games that create a fun, engaging, tech-driven experience.

Located in front of the Bunker Lounge, 10 Toptracer Range bays are set up on level two with table service. These bays are equipped with a Toptracer interactive screen and a 43-inch television monitor for the group viewing, along with a four-seat sofa lounge and coffee table. Groups of eight friends can also be accommodated by combining two of the bays and their seating areas.

Ben Sharpe, President of Toptracer, said: “Our partnership with Laguna National represents the first Toptracer Range-enhanced technology in Southeast Asia. Our vision for the fusion of excitement, entertainment and golf align completely.”

Toptracer Range features games and modes suited for all ages and skill levels. You can take on the world in a long-drive competition, play Closest to the Pin with your friends, dive into advanced analytics to fine-tune your swing, and virtually tee it up at some of the world’s greatest courses.

Bowers added: “Whether you’re working on your game on your own or looking to spend some fun time with a group of friends, Toptracer is ideal.

“No matter your level of play, you’ll have a memorable experience in a laidback environment. At a time when golf is trying to attract more people and a younger demographic into the game, Toptracer is just what we need. It’s already been hugely successful in the United States and parts of Europe and we’re confident that trend will follow at Laguna National.”

Uniquely, Toptracer Range will be offered and priced by Laguna National on a time basis, rather than the traditional per ball charges typical at most driving ranges. This will allow friends and users to determine themselves how vigorous their sessions and practice will be. Some users may wish to relax with friends, take their time over drinks and snacks, while others may want to squeeze out every minute from the feedback the technology can provide.

As well as offering games and shot data modes that allow players to tailor their own range day experience, scores and data can be stored on the Toptracer network, accessed through the Toptracer Range Community App.

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