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IMG Golf Course Services is a global leader in the design, development, marketing and management of world class golf courses. For more than 30 years, the company has set the standard for excellence in golf course design and golf club management, and consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients and partners. We currently provide management and consultancy services to over 25 award-winning Clubs & Resorts around the world.


With Food & Beverage being such an important part of any Golf business, IMG is uniquely placed to provide specialized hospitality support to our clients. As with golf, getting the F&B strategy right is critical for the Club’s success.


Multiple Clubs & Resorts around the globe use their dining facilities to enhance and extend the players’ luxury golfing experience. The reality is that in some cases, guests will return with their partners or friends just to take advantage of the dining facilities – and when that happens, we know that from a revenue management perspective, we will be closer to achieving the desired results.


Developing the correct F&B strategy can be challenging, whether that be independently if we are in the concept & design phase or if we’re re-assessing an existing strategy and trying to re-create the most suitable hospitality approach.


It takes time and investment to get any restaurant concept right, but for golf clubs, this critical revenue stream should not be overlooked. As profit margins in F&B are relatively low, making the wrong choice will have a negative impact on the overall business financial performance. IMG offers owners and operators an array of specialized F&B services, ensuring that the right decisions are taken. 


Our services include an initial in-depth analysis to help identify gaps and opportunities. Based on that we will prepare a comprehensive report which includes a tailor-made project plan including timelines and milestones, cost analysis and a detailed schedule of activities.


The guest experience is hugely important, so during the process IMG will offer world-class pre-opening and operational services, to include: 


  • Specific training for kitchen and service staff

  • SOPs - standardized operating procedures

  • Assist with the creation of F&B manuals and best practices.  

  • Menu design & development.

  • Recruitment

  • Pre-opening budgets and procurement. 

  • F&B marketing strategy 


Overall, IMG is uniquely placed to assist owners and Club personnel with developing unique F&B strategies that create a genuine point of difference and improve profitability, ensure member and guest satisfaction and increase ROI.

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